[Review] Rich Dad Poor Dad - Must Read Book

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You must hear about Rich dad and poor dad book right? here is review of rich dad poor dad book review, why should one read it? Whom should one read it? Hows it? what are the important chapters to read? what this book teach us? Read the full review of Rich Dad Poor Dad book.

[Review] Rich Dad Poor Dad - Must Read Book

Review Rich Dad Poor Dad
I had been gone through many books, recently i read Half Girlfriend and then Playing it My Way by sachin tendulkar. But Many of my friends told and suggested me the book Rich dad and poor dad. No doubt this book was released long back and like you people, i have read a lot about this book too. So i choose to read it, i order it online with discount price and i got it in very less price. 

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So finally i have my copy and trust me i read this book of 274 pages, read it in one go only. Because, no not because i have to review it but the real reason you will find it after you read it. It is too good book, a book that you don't want to go away, if you even gone for a drink break, all you gonna do is keep thinking about this book only.

Whom should read this book?

- Students who wants to become Businessmen.
- People who are doing job and want to start own business.
- People who wants to change their thinking process.
- People who wants to increase their assets in fastest way and get financial success. 
- People who wants to become rich.

Why should they read this book?

This book Rich dad poor dad is written by Robert T. Kiyosaki is first of all master piece. Robert T. Kiyosaki must deserve clap. Hats off to this book, because of this book, i am resigning from my job and starting my own business. Rich dad poor dad helps you to in starting your own business, but you are trapped between job (high paid salary) and your business. Read this book you will start getting things, what to do.

" A Job is only a short term solution to a long term problem" - Robert T. Kiyosaki.

If you want to get financial independence as soon as possible, than read this book. This book is stepping stone into financial literacy, for every paycheck security loving job worker, hard working individual, like all of us. This book thought us system of wealth generation and wealth management patterns. 

"successful people don't fear failure but understands that it's necessary to learn and grow from." - Rich dad poor dad.

Overall,  Excellent Book by Robert Kiyosaki,written in simple language, supported by real life examples and making clear to all importance of concept of financial education.After reading this book,one will certainly going to think differently not only about finance but wealth management. Recommended to all for reading irrespective of age.

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"Playing it My Way" Sachin Tendulkar's Autobiography Review

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Are you die hard fan of Sachin Tendulkar? IF yes then you must read this autobiography, because sachin has written all his entire life experience in this book, since he started playing cricket and the date he retire. Do check our review for Playing It My Way on below.

"Playing it My Way" Sachin Tendulkar's Autobiography Review

Sachin Tendulkar's Autobiography Review
This is a true example and live example to read, how a sportsman live his entire life. Yes, You must read this autobiography of sachin, even if you are not fan of sachin tendulkar, as you are going to be his fan after reading this book. Sachin has mentioned almost all his life in this book, All his memorable point, struggling, hard work, how he use to practice in night (late night).

Even he mentioned about his dispute with ex Indian cricket team coach Garage chappell. How he got betrayed by Garage chappell. How indian team loved him in all his entire career, how he thank his fan for their love and support entire life. Which is his most memorable point in his entire life.

How winning world cup is most important moment of his life, how yuvraj singh, virat kohli sung song for him on his retirement. how he was playing away from his family, hows his life after retirement, all these point are mentioned in Sachin Tendulkar's autobiography.

Playing It My Way Review by Reader

Sachin played with his heart and so has he done with the pen in his hand this time. This book is one of the finest work. The words have come out as straight as his drives. Right from the heart of the man with a heart of gold. It is simple yet intriguing. What makes this book stand out is the fact that this comes from the man who has seldom spoken publicly on what goes in his life. A life which every Indian was part of in one way or the other. They wanted to hear what their hero had to say. This book is a salute to anyone and everyone who has been his fan and more for those who have not liked him for whatever reasons. Tendulkar being Tendulkar has once again delivered to the expectation of a billion people.

"Generations to come, it may well be, will scarce believe that such a man as this one ever in flesh and blood walked in and off the 22 yard belt for 22 years"

For them who could not see this man conduct himself in and off the field and get inspired, this book should serve the purpose. 

How to Buy this Book?

Just log on to This link and you can buy this book at discount price now. just click it and you will lead to page where you can order it online for free (cash on delivery option is also available). Or you can click on the below widget to buy it now.

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[Review] Half Girlfriend By Chetan Bhagat

Check out the review of Chetan Bhagat's new novel Half Girlfriend, releasing on 1st October, 2014. This book is now available to order online from Flipkart.com. 

[Review] Half Girlfriend By Chetan Bhagat

Half Girlfriend Review
Half girlfriend is a story of Bihari boy Madhav and Delhi girl Riya, both are teenagers. Madhav belongs to middle class family where riya is from higher class, both have different lifestyle. Madhav fall in love with Riya and propose her. And Riya rejects it because she thinks they are good as friend only.

Riya thinks there is big communication gap between both of them because Madhav can't even speak english properly and on the other hand riya speaks fluent English. Madhav have very common lifestyle where riya don't have to look around for anything, she has everything, nothing to worry.

Coming back to love story, Madhav try to convince her to being her girlfriend but riya rejects his proposal. She wants them to be just friends but madhav definitely wants more.

Then one day, Riya suggest a unique idea of Half Girlfriend. Riya agrees to being his Half Girlfriend (friend cum girlfriend). From here, the new modern love story starts, how they go, how this relationship moves from good, bad and exited things.

Meanwhile, you will see some beautiful sight seen of Patna (bihar), New york and one special appearance of  Bill gates in this story. Also, some bad side of bihar (as backward area) you will be notice in this love story. 

Will Madhav succeed to make riya fall in love with him? Will Riya accept him or not? All these answers are available on this 280 page long book. This love story is beyond Live in relationship and Love at first sight type of love story. Chetan bhagat tried his best to make it unique love story.

Unboxing Half Girlfriend Book by Chetan Bhagat

About the Author

Chetan Bhagat is popular youth icon of india and popular writer also. He is author of bestsellers like One Night @ the Call Center, Five Point Someone, 3 mistakes of My life and 2 States: The Story of My Marriage.

Chetan Bhagat's past books had inspired many directors of Bollywood to make movies on his book and movies like 3 idiots, 2 states, kai po che are inspired from chetan bhagat's books.

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Final Words

Yes yes yes! This is must have book, and a must read book. This will make you fall in love, again. This book "half girlfriend" is also comes with good price. this book is available to buy online at Rs.149 Rs. 99 only. If you like to read romantic books then you must buy half girlfriend.
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Buy Half Girlfriend - Discount Coupon, Discount Price

Buy Half Girlfriend
Are you looking for Options to buy Half Girlfriend Novel? Here you can find all the available option to buy Half Girlfriend online.Just click on the any of the option and you can buy this book cum great love story at discount price.

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Flipkart.com is exclusive partner of Half Girlfriend book. As of now, there is only one option available to buy this book is flipkart only. Flipkart is giving you this book at 15% off price. Now you can buy this book at Just R.s 149 only. if you buy it from Flipkart, you will get free home delivery and option of cash on delivery too.

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As described above, this book is exclusively available on flipkart only but Amazon.in and amazon.com soon going to make it available for you. For global users, you can buy it from amazon.com and amazon.in too.

Buy it from Amazon.com (for out side india)

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How is Half Girlfriend? Read the full review of Half Girlfriend here.
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Half Girlfriend in PDF Format Download

Are you searching for Half girlfriend novel book in PDF version to buy it now? Are you love to read Chetan Bhagat's Book? Then check out this information will help you to know and get download link of Half Girlfriend in PDF Format.

Half Girlfriend in PDF Format Download

Half Girlfriend in PDF Format
Chetan Bhagat, who wrote Five point someone, 2 states - story of my marriage,The 3 mistakes of my life and other good book is now come up with all new modern love story, Half Girlfriend. Half girlfriend is modern love story of Madhav and Riya who are two best friend, madhav who is bihari boy and not so good in english, fall in love with riya but riya who live in metro, good in english, totally modern rejects his proposal. Later, she suggest one good idea of Half girlfriend (girlfriend cum friend).

Then this story take so many turns and how they meet, did they marry, will riya accept his proposal? All this answer are answered in this book Half Girlfriend. 

Half Girlfriend in PDF Format Download Link

Well as of now, Half girlfriend is not available to download in PDF version. All you can do is just buy it now, it cost just Rs.149 only. To Buy it on discount price, just click here and buy it now. The download link will be provided as soon as it is available.

PDF Format Download Link

Keep visiting for more information about Half Girlfriend. 

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List of Best Books of Chetan Bhagat

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Are you impressed with Chetan Bhagat's novels? Need to read all his love stories and books? Here is complete list of Chetan Bhagat's Novels which is praised and loved all around the world. Below is list of all books by Chetan Bhagat.

List of Best Books of Chetan Bhagat

2 States : The Story Of My Marriage (2010) - Chetan Bhagat

This is one of the most seller book and which put chetan bhagat to new heights and glory of indian author. Yes, this is real story of Chetan bhagat's marriage. 

As he is north indian guy and he is married with south indian girl, this is the story about the tragedy happens on their per-marriage life, how they try to convince their parents etc. 

A Bollywood movie "2 States" also filed in 2014 starring alia bhatt and arjun kapoor, which was also a blockbuster.

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Five Point Someone: What Not To Do At IIT - Chetan Bhagat

This is again a real life experience of chetan bhagat. As you know, Chetan Bhagat was IITian and he wrote his real life experience about things not to do at IIT in Five point someone. 

This book is amazing and every engineering student will like it for sure. A movie named "3 idiots" was inspired from this book only, which was starring Amir khan.  

Check out the below mentioned link to buy this book at discount price only.

Click here to buy "Five point Someone."

The 3 Mistakes of My Life

The 3 Mistakes of My Life-Chetan Bhagat

This story is about 3 young men, book revolves around three young lads, 3 best friends and their ambitions in life, as well as the events that pose a threat to their relationship with each other. 

Their Dreams, how they try to achieve it and the most common mistake they do while doing all this. This book also inspired movie "Kai po che" and which was a hit (as usual). 

This book will be a great gift to your friends if you want to give a gift to them.

Click here Read Sample to buy it now.

Revolution 2020
Revolution 2020 (English) - Chetan Bhagat

Revolution 2020 is one of my personal favorite book, which i like to suggest you all. No movie on this book yet but it will speak your heart for sure. 

Revolution 2020 is an engaging tale of two best friends who fall in love with the same girl. The novel is set against the backdrop of rampant corruption, which one friend yields to, but the other fights. 

Revolution 2020 was published in 2011 and turned out to be a bestseller.

Click here to Read Sample and buy it now. 

What Young India Want
What Young India Want - Chetan Bhagat

This is also a good book which is about compilation of Chetan Bhagat’s essays and speeches on India, its youth, its society, culture and politics. 

It also contains his ideas of what is needed to take the country forward, and what he thinks the youth of the country want. 

This book contains all his hopes and dreams, and his fears and anxieties about India.

Click here to Read sample and buy it now.

One Night @ The Call Center

A good story about group six friends who work at Call centre. One Night @ The Call Center is a book that covers the lives of six call center employees working for Connexions, a call center located in Gurgaon. 

One Night @ The Call Center was published in 2005 and received a favourable response. 

The book was adapted into a movie that was released in 2008, titled Hello, starring Salman Khan.

Click here to Read Sample and Buy it now.

So, these are the list of best books and all other books of chetan bhagat before Half Girlfriend. you can read the review of Half girlfriend here and also buy it from here.
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