[Review] Rich Dad Poor Dad - Must Read Book

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You must hear about Rich dad and poor dad book right? here is review of rich dad poor dad book review, why should one read it? Whom should one read it? Hows it? what are the important chapters to read? what this book teach us? Read the full review of Rich Dad Poor Dad book.

[Review] Rich Dad Poor Dad - Must Read Book

Review Rich Dad Poor Dad
I had been gone through many books, recently i read Half Girlfriend and then Playing it My Way by sachin tendulkar. But Many of my friends told and suggested me the book Rich dad and poor dad. No doubt this book was released long back and like you people, i have read a lot about this book too. So i choose to read it, i order it online with discount price and i got it in very less price. 

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So finally i have my copy and trust me i read this book of 274 pages, read it in one go only. Because, no not because i have to review it but the real reason you will find it after you read it. It is too good book, a book that you don't want to go away, if you even gone for a drink break, all you gonna do is keep thinking about this book only.

Whom should read this book?

- Students who wants to become Businessmen.
- People who are doing job and want to start own business.
- People who wants to change their thinking process.
- People who wants to increase their assets in fastest way and get financial success. 
- People who wants to become rich.

Why should they read this book?

This book Rich dad poor dad is written by Robert T. Kiyosaki is first of all master piece. Robert T. Kiyosaki must deserve clap. Hats off to this book, because of this book, i am resigning from my job and starting my own business. Rich dad poor dad helps you to in starting your own business, but you are trapped between job (high paid salary) and your business. Read this book you will start getting things, what to do.

" A Job is only a short term solution to a long term problem" - Robert T. Kiyosaki.

If you want to get financial independence as soon as possible, than read this book. This book is stepping stone into financial literacy, for every paycheck security loving job worker, hard working individual, like all of us. This book thought us system of wealth generation and wealth management patterns. 

"successful people don't fear failure but understands that it's necessary to learn and grow from." - Rich dad poor dad.

Overall,  Excellent Book by Robert Kiyosaki,written in simple language, supported by real life examples and making clear to all importance of concept of financial education.After reading this book,one will certainly going to think differently not only about finance but wealth management. Recommended to all for reading irrespective of age.

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